I'm Liz Mueller.

UX Designer & Developer


I'm an ENFP and an ambivert;

I graduated in 2014 from UW - Stevens Point with a Bachelor's degree in Web and Digital Media Development. I spent that summer interning for a start-up in London doing digital and print design work, and I miss England every day.


I'm a User Experience Designer..

..consulting for Johnson Controls in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I get to help design and define the experience for one of their smart building automation systems. Previously, I worked for Kohl's as a Developer on their website.


My favorite part of what I do..

..is collaborating with other designers, developers, and researchers to make a product beautiful and easy to use. I really enjoy doing contextual research and testing with real users, so I can understand what they want and need in the products I work on.

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Kohl's more_vert


Project Detail close

After this new department page was requested and had gone through the design process, the design was handed off to me so that the code for the department page could be created. I was able to take the images and copy provided and translate them into this new page that now lives on the Kohl's website.

This was the first full-page design I was able to work on at Kohl's, and I had fun translating the design into code. I was also able to re-work some old code that was to be used for the rollover effect on the "Shop Jewelry By Color" section, so that it performs better and loads more quickly.

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UWSP Tour more_vert

Android / iOS

Project Detail close

UWSP Tour App - a mobile application intended for students, alumni, and other campus visitors who want to become acquainted (or re-acquianted) with the University's layout. The goal of the app is to provide information about campus buildings that a user would be unable to see on Google Maps or another mapping application. High school students wishing to take a self-guided tour, incoming freshman looking for information about their classroom buildings, or older alumni who are returning to visit after years away are all potential users.

For my capstone course at UW-Stevens Point, my group was set the task of quickly getting the app up and running - the first version, created with PhoneGap, was unfinished by a previous group and needed the functionality and design finalized. We were able to complete the app on a strict deadline and pass off the completed project before homecoming at the end of the month.

Client: UWSP Alumni Association

Coffee Studio more_vert


Project Description close

For an e-commerce class I took during my first semester at UW-Stevens Point, myself and three other students were chosen to work with The Coffee Studio as our client in the class's main project. For John and Wendy, owners of The Coffee Studio, my group produced the following deliverables:

  • Moodboards and prototypes, which culminated in a WordPress site they still use today.
  • Posters, fliers, and business cards.
  • Social media content and photography for their Facebook page.
  • A research presentation on their goals and competition, including marketing and e-commerce related plans to boost their success.

Client: The Coffee Studio

Dashboard more_vert

Class project.

Project Description close

This was a fun project. For one of my classes, we were given instructions to design a dashboard for a business. I chose to create this fun social media dashboard for American Eagle. I was quite proud of it at the time, but looking back now I see plenty of room for improvement. Perhaps I'll mock up a redesign for it in the future!

Goldfish more_vert


Project Description close

Keeping up-to-date on my design skills is important, as well as keeping up with current trends. I decided to try and have a little fun with this low-poly goldfish a la Timothy Reynolds - I like how it turned out! I used Adobe Illustrator to create it.

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